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Singapore: Update #1

Singapore, your night life is amazing and your food is so damn tasty.

I woke up every day feeling muggy and a little perspired. Cold showers quickly became a routine part of my day. Houston is VERY humid, but I couldn’t handle the humidity that Singapore hit me with. It took me a while to get used to the heat and now that I think about it, I don’t think I ever really did.

Despite being jetlagged, I stayed up all day the first day and got to see some of Singapore’s major sites: Little India, China Town, Arab Street and Clarke Quay. After some sightseeing, Krista and I found our way inside a bar in Clarke Quay. We actually found our way inside several bars that day. After a beer or two, I quickly remembered how much I love day-drinking with Krista. After a couple of beers and doing some major catching up, we headed back to her dorm to freshen up for the night. Day one was a success. But any day that ends with drinking wine with your best friend is a success.

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The next day we headed to Bugis Street where I did some light souvenir shopping and tasted a legit ice cream sandwich. If there is one thing I recommend everyone to try, it’s the ice cream sandwiches. 1430390221695Majority of the food I ate during this trip were from hawker stalls and I have no complaints. All the food I ate while being in Singapore never disappointed; including all the fresh fruit juices. Between all the noodles and fried rice I tried, I can’t decide which one I liked best.

The night life in Singapore is intense, especially for ladies. Ladies Night in the US vs Ladies Night in Singapore shouldn’t even be a real comparison. In the States, a typical ladies night is free entry and maybe a couple of drinks…MAYBE. Ladies Night in Singapore, according to the clubs I went to, was free entry and free drinks… all night. Period. “Free flow,” became a common phrase I would happily hear.

20150506_221900Wednesday is the designated ‘Ladies Night’ day out of the whole week. Meaning, If I were to live in Singapore, Wednesday would be my favorite day. The first place we ventured off to was Downtown. Walking around Downtown made me realize how clean this country really is. It’s almost near spotless when it comes to trash or litter. Anyways, the first place we went to was a fancy-looking bar called The Exchange and they offered free margaritas and martinis for a few hours. You literally grab a martini glass (which is your glass for the whole night) and walk back and forth to the bar to refill it as you please. The margaritas were on point; we each had two. We then walked to The Fullerton Bay Hotel for more free drinks. But this time, it was a rooftop bar. Beautiful view, but such a long wait for just one cocktail. After, we trammed our way to Clarke Quay where we, yes, drank some more and danced danced danced at two different night clubs. This was the night I realized that Singaporeans love Destiny’s Child and Beyonce. But I mean, who doesn’t love Beyonce?

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After a night of dancing and drinking, we grabbed a taxi and headed back to Krista’s dorm where we most likely watched The Cosby Show or pigged out on some cheese fries.