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Singapore: Part 2


My first taste of Tiger Beer

I couldn’t leave Singapore without drinking their beer, as any tourist or beer drinker would agree. So, Tiger Beer it was. It happened all organically with me not even expecting to drink it that night. Krista and I were walking around China Town looking for some souvenirs. You know, the usual keychain and not so usual kimono type of souvenir shopping. While we were having no luck in finding much of anything, we decided that shopping a little tipsy would make more fun. We sat down at the closest restaurant we found and ordered two bottles of chilled Tiger beers. Maybe we didn’t find any souvenirs that night, but we did find that cheap cold beer and a great friend could make any night, well a memorable night. We decided we’d have to go to the beach and, of course, buy some Tiger beer beforehand to have a relaxed beach day.

The next day, we woke up, had our usual hotdog-topped-with-cheese-and-chives breakfast, bought four beers from a convenient store and made our way to the beach. Singapore beaches are not like your typical Southeast Asia beaches like the Philippines. Krista informed me in advance that these beaches were man-made, with sand being imported from Indonesia. But hey, a beach is a beach. Their three beaches were in Sentosa, an island in Singapore that has most of the touristy attractions with resorts and even their own Universal Studios.

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The beginning of our beach adventure was somewhat of a fail, but the more I think about it, I don’t think it really was. Long story short, it rained. Not just a couple of sprinkles, but complete with thunder and lightening. So there we were in Soliso beach, a beer in hand, and joking about the big gray clouds coming our way. We tried to hold out for as long as we could, but we eventually took cover under a shade when the rain became unbearable. We waited out the rain, and walked over to Palawan beach. The sun was starting to come out, so we stripped out of our clothes to our swim suits and got in the water. After a semi-long day at the beach, we made our way back to the dorm to get ready for the night. There was an End of the Semester type event going on at a venue called Kyo, and naturally, we went.

I’ve danced my ass off plenty of times, and even more times with Krista whenever we were roommates in Austin. But I will never forget this night. We got to Kyo fairly early and fairly tipsy. No one was dancing when we got there. Not many people were there to begin with, but whatever. After sharing a whiskey and coke, Krista and I decided to go in the middle of the dance floor and well, dance. You know how people tell you to dance like no one is watching. That is exactly what we did. Our bodies moved with every beat that the DJ threw at us, all the while circling each other like we were the only ones in the room. As the club started to get packed, it didn’t matter. I swear to you, we didn’t stop dancing until like 3 hours later. We were getting ready to leave, outside waiting for a taxi. That’s when Krista’s friends got out of a taxi right in front of us. Talk about perfect timing. We went back inside with them and danced some more.