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Singapore: Part 3

My days in Singapore were quickly coming to an end, but there were a few things I had to do before I left. We were able to squeeze all of those events into two days, which made a very happy Mira. I mean, you can’t really leave Singapore without watching the light show, going to Gardens by the Bay, and of course, eating their popular Chili Crab.


A lot of people gathered in front of Marina Bay Sands to watch the 13-minute light show. If that didn’t catch your attention, the skyline without a doubt would. The city was even more beautiful at night. After the show, we passed through the Marina Bay Sands resort to get to the Gardens by the Bay.

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The next day was our last full day in Singapore. We met up with a few of Krista’s local friends from school and day drank. Such a great group of guys. Each one of them were so genuine and so so nice. After a few drinks at a Japanese restaurant and exchanging stories of our cultures, we headed to the restaurant where I would try Singapore’s famous Chili crab. One word: AMAZING. We didn’t finish it at the restaurant, but Krista and I took it to-go where we would later find ourselves in the airport devouring every last bit of it while waiting for our flight. The locals ordered other foods that were equally delicious. But at this point, I wasn’t surprised. Everything I tasted in Singapore was delicious.

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Krista and I headed back to the airport after saying our goodbyes (and taking a few selfies), and waited for our flight back to the States. That was an adventure all in itself. Our last day in Singapore was definitely a day well spent. It really proved to me that a place is just a place. But if you’re with great company, it can make any place really feel like home. I can’t wait until our next adventure together.